Welcome, Femme!

All genders welcome.
Just in case you didn’t catch it, “Femme” was a play on the phonetics of the word.
We mean, “Welcome, Fam!”

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Now that’s a movement. Disclaimer: This isn’t a “How to join the movement”. We strive to become sisters that can give the best tailored advice to our friends and loved ones but it’s still a journey. Not like we were hoping to inspire some to contribute… psh. Cardboard, icons and voices. I won’t lie. It’sContinue reading “BLM”

The first step

Writing from the perspective of the younger sister. I got a text from a friend recently, telling me how he’s jealous that I have a sister so it’s possible for us to be close. It’s not a gender thing, just go ahead and make the first move to get closer to your brother! That’s allContinue reading “The first step”

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